Lukáš Přibyl

(1973, Ostrava) studied Political Science and Middle Eastern and Jewish Studies at Brandeis University near Boston and at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Religion and Human Rights at Columbia University in New York, History at Central European University in Budapest and Jewish Philosophy at the Paideia Institute for Jewish Studies in Stockholm. In addition to various political science projects, he has published works on Jewish history, curated exhibitions for the Jewish Museum in Prague, and written scripts for Czech Television. He has directed, produced and written four feature-length documentaries, collectively called Forgotten Transports, about the deportations of Jews to little-known camps and ghettos in Latvia, Belarus, Estonia and Poland. The documentaries have won numerous awards, including the Czech Lion and the Critics’ Prize. Pribyl has also won numerous awards in other fields, such as the Czech Theatre DNA Award and the Prix Irene. He is a member of the Czech and European Film Academies. He was the first director of the European Shoah Legacy Institute, dedicated to addressing the unresolved consequences of the Holocaust. He now works in the diplomatic service, most recently as Director of the Czech Centre in Tel Aviv, where he was responsible for the presentation of Czech culture in Israel.


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