Beit Theresienstadt: online přednášky

Zveme na sérii online přednášek, které pořádá Beit Theresienstadt v lednu a v únoru:


Beit Theresienstadt invites you to a new series of Online Lectures:

January 15th at 20:00 PM (Israel time)
The fate of the German Jews in the Shoa by Moshe Zimmermann
Link to the lecture:

January 29th at 20:00 PM (Israel time)
Swimming against stereotype: My father, sports and Terezin by Helen Epstein
Link to the lecture:

February 12th at 20:00 PM (Israel time)
Playing and Picturing Chess in Theresienstadt: Understanding Holocaust Experience through Material Artifacts and Artw

By Galina Lochekhina -Mikulinser and Klara Jackl, University of Haifa, Israel
Link to the lecture:

February 26th at 20:00 PM (Israel time)
The Jews of Denmark in the Holocaust – Life and Death in Theresienstadt Ghetto
by Silvia Goldbaum Tarabini Fracapane
Link to the lecture:


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